The penalties for a first offense driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in California include a 6-month driver's license suspension that can be converted to a restricted license to and from and during employment and to and from any DUI school.

You will be ordered to a DUI school which can be three months to 9 months in length depending on your blood-alcohol level. Jail time is required, however, this can usually be converted into work release, which is community service supervised by jail personnel. You would not actually be incarcerated. The amount of the fine varies from court to court.

The amount of the fine varies from court to court. The penalties for a second conviction within ten years include a 2-year driver's license suspension as well as additional jail time which, again, can normally be converted into work release and an 18-month California-approved DUI school.

A conviction for a third offense within 10 years mandates a 120-day jail sentence and many courts sentence up to six months in jail for a third offense within 10 years. A fourth offense within a 10-year period in California is a felony and, as with felony DUIs involving injury, a prison sentence of 16 months to 3 years can be imposed.

The driver's license ramifications of a California driving under the influence (DUI) conviction on residents of other states are too complicated for a full discussion here. However, as an example, for a first offense DUI conviction in California, the California DMV will place a hold on your driver's license until you complete a California-approved DUI school or obtain a waiver of the California DUI school. As long as there is a hold on your driver's license in California, you cannot renew your license in your home state. Additionally, your home state may suspend or restrict your driver's license after receiving notice of a California conviction.

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